No cutting corners here. More than 100+ Years of experience in the glazing industry has taught Brin many things. Chief among them: working with heavy glass and metal building materials—often at great heights—is a job best reserved for consistent, detail-oriented professionals.

Because of our solid history and reputation for excellence, Brin employs some of the most tenured glazing experts in the industry. As a close-knit family of companies, we are committed to the safety of our valued employees owners and union team members.

Everyday Safety

Brin has several standard practices and policies designed to promote and improve workplace safety. These include:

  • “Full-time PPE” (hard hat, safety vests, and safety gloves) is required for any Brin team member who enters a job site
  • Proper lifting equipment as required for each project
  • High-quality, cut-resistant shirts and gloves for glass handler
  • Company Safety Director ensures compliance with Brin’s own policies as well as OSHA safety regulations
  • Gang boxes at each job site are stocked with first aid supplies, GFIs, specialty tools, and everything needed to help promote safety in the field
  • Fall protection equipment such as heavy-duty belts and pull harnesses are frequently inspected and updated on a regular basis; additional specialty gear available to team members by request
  • Specialized, automated equipment and machinery that helps us safely fabricate, transport, load/unload, and install heavy, large, or breakable materials
  • Weekly, job-site-specific team meetings to plan ahead for weather, potential site hazards, safety tools or equipment needed, and fall protection gear for upcoming jobs

We Get Home Safe

Ongoing safety training and routines are a central part of the job for our professional glaziers, fabricators, drivers, site supervisors, and many other team members. Brin knows that nothing is more important than making sure our people get home safely at the end of each day—whether they are installing glass in a new skyway, insulating large slabs of glass in the fabrication shop, delivering products across icy roads, or replacing windows in a high-rise.

Safety First

Brin’s safety-first approach and attention to detail doesn’t just protect our employees and trade partners. It also safeguards our customers and their tenants. Finally, our vigilance helps maintain a safe environment for anyone in the general public who is in close proximity to a job site.


Is there a commercial or residential development project on your horizon that requires interior or external glass? Involve Brin early in the process to jump-start production and access our full range of capabilities—design, fabrication, distribution, installation, and service—throughout your project’s life cycle.


Brin has also been a key player in helping businesses across the upper Midwest continue to operate while protecting public and employee health since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. We have provided and installed safety glass for countless reception areas, point of purchase stations, foodservice counters, and many other business applications.

COVID-19 Pandemic Protocols

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Brin has followed city and state guidelines that allow us to consistently show up and safely meet our customers’ needs. For customers who require additional documentation of safety measures in order to access their sites, Brin employs a high percentage of fully vaccinated team members who are ready to serve.