Custom-crafted glass and metal for any commercial space

What do you envision? If your project specifications include architectural glass, aluminum or steel, Brin has the fabrication capacity to move your project across the finish line.

Brin’s full-service glass and metal fabrication is unique in the industry. Our experienced team takes pride in transforming your specs into high quality, ready-to-install products. Our technical skill, tenacity and teamwork helps us create virtually any components that your high-performance enclosure system requires.

Brin’s fabrication excellence is the result of:

  • Taking ownership. Brin fabricators have a shared sense of commitment and responsibility for the quality that they produce. Maybe it’s a testament to our Midwest work ethic—but we enjoy being a part of our customers’ success. Our dedicated professionals know that each job well done impacts Brin, our customers, and the communities we serve.
  • Superior equipment and technology. Brin utilizes state-of-the-art technology and machinery to enhance our fabrication capabilities as well as our ability to safely transport finished products. Our Vertical IG (insulating glass) line, glass tempering equipment, CNC machines for both metal and glass, overhead cranes, specialized trucks, and precision cutting and edging equipment are a few of Brin’s capital investments that benefit our customers.
  • Being proactive. There’s nothing worse than hearing there’s a last-minute problem with your order—especially if it could have been prevented with a little foresight. Whether it’s a potential supply chain issue, a design oversight, or a logistics concern, the experienced team at Brin knows how to spot potential issues a mile away—and find creative solutions to overcome them.
  • A large, supportive family. The Brin family of companies includes Brin Glass Service, Brin Contract Glazing, Northwestern Glass Fab, St. Germain’s Glass, and Heartland Glass. Each of these 5 divisions has a unique history, diverse capabilities, and community ties. Yet together, this family network helps us serve virtually any customer in the Upper Midwest who needs glass or metal for their construction or remodeling project.
  • Building collective wisdom. Collective wisdom isn’t just built on success. Often, mistakes and missed opportunities are the best teachers. Throughout Brin’s long history, continuous improvement has guided our success. In addition to pairing new employees with tenured fabricators who can share best-practices whenever possible, we also provide skills training and continuing education to help our fabricators maintain a competitive edge.

Technical Skill

Brin’s commitment to skill, precision and craftsmanship drives our quality. Many of Brin’s fabricators have 15-30 years of experience beyond their initial apprenticeship, which typically takes 3 years (6,000 hours) to complete and includes technical, safety, and glasswork/metalwork instruction. From simple to specialized—such as arched metal storefronts, steel-reinforced curtain walls, or custom doors with complex locking mechanisms—Brin does each job right.


Is there a commercial or residential development project on your horizon that requires interior or external glass? Involve Brin early in the process to jump-start production and access our full range of capabilities—design, fabrication, distribution, installation, and service—throughout your project’s life cycle.


Our teams are tenacious and disciplined. It takes persistence and focus to craft large-scale architectural glass metal with precise drilling or mitering requirements, sometimes with a fraction-of-an-inch margin of error. Yet every day, Brin proveswe areup to the task. We create retail storefronts, custom framed glass shower doors, etched glass divider walls, huge curtain walls, aluminum window frames, mullions, insulated glass windows and more.


Brin is a true partner in the building process. Our collaborative skills help us fulfill glass and metal orders for projects of all sizes. For example, St. Germain’s Glass—a Brin company located in Duluth—provided all of the interior glass for Minnesota’s largest construction project to date at Essentia Hospital. It was a success story due to excellent communication and working relationships between lead fabricators, project leads, installation crews, the general contractor, and many other contributors.

CHOOSE BRIN. Your best source for made-to-order glass and metal building components.