Working tirelessly to deliver what matters to customers

What drives you? At Brin, our core values—We Show Up, We Bring It, and We Do It Right—influence everything we do as a company. And these phrases also perfectly summarize our approach to distribution.

Brin’s distribution capabilities are second to none. As a primary supplier for manufacturers, contractors and glass dealers, our proactive service and reliable flow of commercial and residential products means you can keep projects on schedule.

Brin is a leading architectural glass and metal resource because we offer:

  • Accessible, customizable products. The Brin family of companies is ready to supply the architectural glass, metal, doors, and hardware to fit your unique needs. With our fabrication capabilities, we offer custom-crafted products and sizes as well as off-the-shelf solutions.
  • Consistent teams. Our distribution teams at Brin benefit from having many experienced, long-term employees. Even in places like Northern Minnesota, with harsh environmental conditions over the winter months, there is very little turnover. When openings do occur, the support of local trade unions often helps Brin fill vacancies quickly with qualified, dedicated employees timelines, and clear any obstacles that could complicate an installation.
  • Great capacity. Our robust distribution capacity is made possible by our state-of-the-art Northwestern Glass Fab facility in the Twin Cities, as well as our full-service out-state divisions. For example, Heartland Glass is a convenient wholesale partner to businesses in the Saint Cloud area, while St. Germain’s in Duluth is the largest glass fabricator and distributor in northern Minnesota.
  • Diverse sales channels. Brin has experience working with a variety of retail and whole sale customers, as well as residential and commercial clients. Some of these relationships include:
    • Commercial builders
    • Glass retailers
    • Fixture companies
    • Leasing companies
    • Machine shops
    • Property management companies
    • Public works departments
    • Public and private schools
    • Real estate developers
    • Renovation/Remodeling companies
    • Window and door manufacturers
    • …and more
  • Performance under pressure. Sometimes you need supplies even when conditions are not ideal. Brin’s seasoned distribution team and specialized equipment puts us in a position to do things that others can’t. We have delivered fabricated storefronts while braving icy hills and snow. Brin has skillfully transported giant sections of glass across many miles to remote locations. We work tirelessly behind the scenes to come through for our customers.


Moving and transporting heavy, large, or custom-fabricated glass, aluminum or steel can be tricky. Brin has the specialized equipment, experienced team, safety culture, and attention to detail to successfully deliver your products to the job site when you need them.


At Brin, distribution excellence is more than just logistics management. We are motivated by a strong determination to support our customers. We take pride in our work, and we enjoy building lasting relationships with clients by consistently delivering on our promises.


Is there a commercial or residential development project on your horizon that requires interior or external glass? Involve Brin early in the process to jump-start production and access our full range of capabilities—design, fabrication, distribution, installation, and service—throughout your project’s life cycle.


Brin’s core values are infused in our everyday approach to distribution. We Show Up means our schedulers, loaders and delivery drivers are fully committed to the job. We Bring It means that however broken the supply chain in our world might be, Brin’s family of companies leverages our collective resources to deliver the goods. And We Do It Right means we remain focused on your successful, on-schedule installation.

BRIN DELIVERS. Let our reliable distribution propel your project forward.