Put our trusted team to the test

We’ll take care of it. If you are a commercial property manager, building owner or maintenance professional, those are the words you need to hear in a pinch.

Our responsive service team at Brin is steadfast, skilled and speedy. We have the skills, resources and equipment to safely tackle any commercial glass or aluminum challenge. Brin has served the Twin Cities area since 1912—including Minnesota’s tallest building since 1978.

Here’s what sets Brin apart:

  • We do our homework. Prior to arriving, Brin gathers as much information about the job as possible. We coordinate resources with the building management so our field personnel and glazing experts can access the site quickly and complete the job without unnecessary delays.
  • Our knowledge saves time. Our teams have in-depth knowledge based on years of experience with many types of glazing systems and building conditions. Brin’s 100 years of experience helps us correctly diagnose problems as well as offer the best solutions—whether it’s finding the source in a water leak investigation or knowing how to access awkward spaces such as a sloped glass roof.
  • We are safety champions. At the end of the day, our excellent safety record reflects on Brin as well as our customers. Since every job is different, all of our service teams are trained to assess on-site challenges and identify any additional safety equipment needs before the job begins. Brin is prepared, focused, and committed to safely completing your glass service.
  • Brin is trustworthy. The service team prides itself on being honest and straightforward with customers about potential challenges that could arise—so there are very few surprises. When there is an unforeseen issue, Brin goes into problem-solving mode. Our team is focused on customer satisfaction, so we find real solutions. No matter what it takes.
  • We do hard things. Do you have a challenging glass service issue that may require a lift, swing stage, street obstruction or special permit? Leave it to Brin. We have extensive experience coordinating both equipment and resources that other companies may not. Customers can rest assured that we handle everything behind the scenes, so they can enjoy top-notch service.
  • Professionalism is contagious. Our outstanding service teams understand that they not only represent Brin, but also the customers we serve. We solve your problems in a professional way that your tenants and the public can appreciate, which allows you to focus on other things. We view ourselves as more than a vendor; Brin is committed to being the best long-term partner for your glass and aluminum needs.


Brin cares about the Minnesota and Upper Midwest communities that we serve. Our glass service crews were all-hands-on deck when unrest erupted in Minneapolis and St. Paul during the summers of 2020 and 2021, working 13-14 hours per day to secure buildings, remove dangers, and replace broken glass. During one 48-hour period, Brin replaced over 200 broken windows in mass transit stations, plus additional windows and doors at banks, pharmacies, hospitals, gas stations, convenience stores and other commercial properties around the Twin Cities.


Our seasoned glass service teams have many years of combined experience and knowledge to help them navigate virtually any customer scenario. One reason for Brin’s 100+years of success is our focus on nurturing the technical skills of each employee. Whether they are mastering fundamental techniques, or honing their skills with the latest equipment, Brin employees are always growing. In addition, by pairing apprentices with seasoned Brin glaziers who are masters of their craft, Brin is able to foster a sense of continuity and a shared commitment to excellence.


Is there a commercial or residential development project on your horizon that requires interior or external glass? Involve Brin early in the process to jump-start production and access our full range of capabilities—design, fabrication, distribution, installation, and service—throughout your project’s life cycle.


When someone drove through a glass wall at one of the Twin Cities’ busiest hospitals, Brin sprang into action. The opening was repaired in just five days—less than half the time set aside for completion. This didn’t happen by coincidence—it was the result of proactive communication and good relationships with building managers and the general contractor. This allowed Brin to gain full access to complete the work that was needed, which also minimized downtime for hospital employees who had to be relocated during the repairs.

RELY ON BRIN. We bring solutions to your glass service challenges.